5 Ways To Have Fun In Recovery

by baladmin | April 17, 2014

Recovering from addiction whether it be a substance abuse or alcohol problem can be an arduous and trying process. Completely reworking your life into something uncomfortable and different from what it was is often stressful and mentally taxing.

However, by maintaining a positive attitude and keeping an open mind, life in recovery can be awesome and take on new meaning. Many recovering alcoholics and addicts report that their life’s did not really start until they got sober.

5 suggestions to have fun in recovery

Work Out-Outside

1. Start working out outside on a regular basis. If you live near the ocean, how about trying surfing? Surfing is a great sport that gets you outside playing in the water and sunshine. Surfing also requires some swimming and if done a couple of days a week provides an excellent workout. Use your own environment to find a new and fun outdoor activity that you may have wanted to try but your addiction previously kept you away from.

Those who live in mountain communities such as Colorado can take up hiking and biking in the warm weather months then skiing or snowboarding in the winter. Get outside and start enjoying the scenic beauty, its good for your soul!

Have you ever tried a Zumba class? Could be fun!

Meet Up Groups

2. Sign up for Meet Up Groups online in your area that sound interesting. You can even start your own meet up group for a sober activity. If you roller blade, start a once a week sober roller blade group—cool!  Meet Up groups offer things to do for everything you can imagine. It’s a great way to meet new sober people in your community.

Take a Class

3. Take a class at a local college. Why not? I once read that when we are bored it is because we have become boring. Nothing cures boredom quicker than learning something new. Learning something new is great in and of itself and if you have been out of school for a while it is a great way to get the brain muscle back in shape! Yes, our brain can get out of shape just like our bodies.

Have a Sober Party

4. Have a pot luck sober party at your house. I still do these and they are always a success. Invite your sober friends to come over on a Saturday or Sunday and ask them each to bring a dish of their choice. I like to start my pot lucks with a 12 step meeting. I have one of my guests read a paragraph out of the Big Book and then we go around the room and each person has an opportunity to share on what has been read.

Even if there are people at the party who do not know one another, by the time the 12 step meeting ends everyone is laughing and talking. It’s a great ice breaker. Then we eat—great sober fun!

Make a Vision Board

5. Make a vision board. No matter what your age, vision boards work because they affect us on a subconscious level. Just get a big piece of poster board, some colored pens, various magazines, scissors and glue. Now you are ready to get to work.

Cut out pictures, draw and write on your vision board. Fill your board with pictures depicting your hopes and dreams for now and in the future. When you are finished place it somewhere you are sure to see it each day. This is your new life as a sober person and nothing is impossible. Get up-get out there,  and have fun in your recovery!