10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Sobriety

by Balboa Horizons | May 5, 2016

Overcoming a drug and alcohol addiction calls for some serious celebration! Many in recovery choose to honor their birthdays each year by taking a chip at an A.A. meeting and celebrating with friends and family. For those new to recovery, celebrations sans alcohol may sound boring. Not true! A lot of fun can be had in these unique ways, check ’em out:

Yoga Party – These days everyone and your mother is becoming a certified yoga teacher. Ask a yoga teacher friend of yours if they will lead a yoga class for you and some friends. Hold the class at a local park and celebrate with some green juice and healthy snacks in the sunshine after. Namaste to recovery!

Art Night – Pick-up some paint, paint brushes and canvases from your local art store. Cover a table at home with a tarp. Play some of your favorite musicians and get your creative juices flowing into the year ahead.

Paint Balling – If art night is too mellow for you then spice it up by shooting your friends with paint! Ready, aim and fire that magenta!

Coffee Shop Hopping – Take your coffee bean tasting buds around town as you Coffee Shop Hop! Start this party early as the caffeine buzz will keep you rollin’ all day through a great birthday.

Color Run – Feel the rainbow as you douse your friends and strangers with tons of color! Check Google for local Color Runs in your area.

Sushi Making Party – You and your friends are just a couple YouTube videos away from being the next Top Chef! Well, maybe not next Top Chef, but your a couple vids away from making some bomb sushi. It’s actually quite simple. Have one friend bring the fish, another the seaweed, make some vinegared rice and don’t forget to pick up some mochi ice cream for dessert.

Mud-Run – Get all your peeps to sign-up for the local Mud Run and grab lunch afterward. All the adventure and blood pumping fun will leave you feeling pretty, dirty-darn-good!

Beach Party – What day of volleyball and sunbathing was ever a bad idea? Bring on the Vitamin D and gather your posse as you enjoy the California rays just down the street from Balboa Horizons!

Bonfire Party – For our beach loving night owls a bonfire party might be more your jam. A warm bonfire, hot dogs, veggie dogs and good friends make for a great night of celebration!

Duffy Boat Ride – Nothing like sailing into another year of recovery (literally.) The Newport Bay offers Duffy Boat rentals by the hour. Gather a group of your favorite people, some snacks and enjoy a sunny day on the bay!

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