The Balboa Horizons PodcastIt all started with a simple conversation that turned into a question. What if we can help someone change their life just by talking about what we do every single day?

The idea of helping people piqued our interest and we began thinking about what we would say, how we would say it and we started to feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of all our thoughts. In the spirit of simplicity, we won’t over analyze it for you.

If you are interested in helping change someone’s life if you are a mother, father, son, or daughter we welcome you to listen to our discussions about addiction. Our goal is to provide a real solution, instill hope to inspire change and transform lives.


Podcast #9: Joey’s Story

Podcast #8: A Therapists Perspective of Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Podcast #7: Alumni Services & Staying Connected

Podcast #6: The Importance of Employee Assistance Programs in Addiction Recovery

Podcast #5: Rapid Detox, Tide Pods, and Ethics in Addiction Treatment

Podcast #4: David Longridge, Founder of Balboa Horizons

Podcast #3: Having Fun in Recovery Through Long-Term Treatment

Podcast #2: Getting Help for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Podcast #1: Family Addiction Recovery – Tips for the Family