Balboa Horizons Fitness Program

Fitness Program Includes Full Gym Membership

Weights A full gym membership is included for clients attending Balboa Horizons Recovery Program. Balboa Horizons recognizes that regular exercise is a necessary component involved in the  addiction treatment process.

Daily Exercise Routine

balboa-women In addition to outdoor activities, our clients are taken to a state of the art local gym five days a week, accompanied by a Balboa Horizons staff member. An individual workout program is designed for each of our clients, which can include  free weights, fitness classes, yoga, swimming, and more.

Weekly 12-Step Yoga Class

Residential clients participate in 12-Step informed yoga classes designed to enhance the recovery experience by connecting the mind, body, and spirit. Each week, the men and women participate in gender-specific classes that help reduce anxiety through movement and meditation.

Outdoor Activities

Additional optional outdoor activities at Balboa Horizons include roller-blading, biking, volleyball, hiking, and other recreational events!

Experiential Therapy

The ropes course provides the experience of giving and receiving help, pushing through perceived limits, and problem-solving through collaboration.

Fitness ClassesWomen Only Drug Rehab Yoga

A variety of fitness classes are available to choose from.

Increasing or adding physical activity in our clients’ lives is an important aspect of long-term recovery. As clients get sober,  time that was formerly spent using drugs and alcohol is now channeled into positive, self-improving activities.