Family Program

Healing the Family System

family program Addiction is a family disease. Its impact on the family system has physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual dimensions that affect the family long after the addict gets sober. The environment and effect on individual family members impacted by addiction is characterized by anxiety, tension, chaos, mistrust, shame, denial and emotional extremes.

With the progression of addiction, family focus and preoccupation with the addict and the problems created by addiction increase to the point that a family is held hostage to the disease. Healthy family stability and function are sacrificed for short-term crisis management, and eventually everyone is settling for less as the family experiences the trauma of addiction.

Early recovery in the family can be traumatic as well. The journey of recovery takes time, and at times can be painful. Self-defeating beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors persist and anxiety, doubt, and confusion about treatment and recovery often present new challenges for families. With education, support, and guidance, families are better able to meet these challenges. Recovery outcomes are greatly improved when the family participates in the recovery process.

Balboa Horizons’ Family Program Can Help

Each month, Balboa Horizons invites our clients’ loved ones to participate in our Family Program. Over the course of four days, family members learn to identify and address the problems they are facing and develop solutions that will help them on their own recovery journey.

Our program is led by interventionist Dr. Jim Tracy, a nationally recognized speaker and educator who has been conducting professional and family interventions for over 20 years. Dr. Tracy guides families through an experiential learning process that combines lecture, interactive role play and group process. The family is educated on:

  • The disease of addiction
  • Neurological, psychological, and emotional effects of addiction – on both the addict and the family
  • Enabling and codependency
  • Recovery programs and effective treatment solutions
  • Self-care, self-esteem, and personal healing

At Balboa Horizons, our focus goes beyond treating the addict. We are committed to help both the addict and family develop the tools and skills necessary to build a lasting foundation in recovery, and family health and happiness.

Our treatment staff is actively involved with those participating in the family program. You will hear stories from some of our Balboa Horizons alumni and regain a sense of hope, purpose, and accomplishment. Below are a few testimonies from family members who have attended our program.

“Family week was a very powerful, life-changing experience. We left with a feeling of accomplishment. We feel empowered to do our work to help our daughter on her journey in recovery.”

– D. L. (Mother)

“Fantastic experience. Incredible results across the board. Beyond expectations.”

– F. J. (Father)

“This was my first family week at Balboa Horizons but my fourth family week I’ve attended. I continue to be amazed at my personal growth and the education I get from each experience.”

– K. (Mother)

“The first step into the family room was full of fear; the step out of the room the last day was full of hope.”

– S. H. (Mother)