At Balboa Horizons, we believe that drug and alcohol abuse is a major epidemic in the United States, and one that affects society at every level. We believe addicts underestimate the severity of their disease and overestimate their ability to recover on their own.

We believe that treating addiction is the most important work there is. We love addicts—unconditionally. We take treatment and recovery seriously, but we also believe you can have fun in the process. We don’t judge you, we know how brave you are to ask for help. We believe that with treatment, education and the supportive environment that Balboa Horizons provides, you can create your own best life.

We believe drugs and alcohol are not an addict’s problem, they are an addict’s solution. We believe this is a disease about managing stress—and we give you the innovative and essential tools to do just that. We know community is one of the most important pieces of recovery—and we’ve created one that provides you with every opportunity to thrive and create a rewarding life. We know recovery is hard work, but we also believe the payoff is worth the climb.

We believe the journey of recovery will be the most rewarding one of your life, and we are here to walk with you every step of the way.


When it comes to choosing an addiction recovery program for yourself, your loved one or your client, the expertise and quality of the treatment team is of critical importance. Balboa Horizons brings together a team of compassionate experts with extensive experience in assessment of and intervention for addictive disorders. We recognize that the true challenge to sustainable recovery occurs after the client leaves treatment. Our goal is to best prepare each individual for that challenge. Balboa Horizons provides high-quality, clinical, gender-specific care to inspire change within our clients and to provide them the tools they need to transform their lives on a long term basis.


Combining evidenced-based treatment modalities with the latest in holistic and alternative therapies, Balboa Horizons’ successful model of treatment is based on supporting addiction recovery at every level of care—from detox to outpatient programs. Our gender-specific programming creates an atmosphere of openness and acceptance within the group and minimizes the distractions found in co-ed facilities. Balboa Horizons’ unique treatment model offers opportunities to evaluate recovery progress in a supportive environment, and identify and address challenges to sustainable recovery prior to discharge.


Balboa Horizons is a home away from home for our clients and their families. We work to establish trusting relationships throughout the course of treatment so clients feel comfortable reaching out whenever support is needed. Our staff, facilities, weekly alumni meeting, and relapse prevention groups are always available to alumni and their families as they navigate the challenges and joys of lasting recovery. The graduates of Balboa Horizons leave with a new-found happiness, self esteem, enduring relationships, and a wealth of resources within the regional recovery community—all of which provide a foundation for continued sobriety. Their success is our success.