Since 2004, Balboa Horizons has been Southern California’s premier drug and alcohol treatment center for adults and families across the country. Our gender-specific programs have helped us become an industry leader in helping people get and stay sober. Our facilities are located throughout Orange County in Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, and Fountain Valley. We provide all levels of care, from detox, residential, partial day, intensive outpatient, and aftercare programs.

The residences of Balboa Horizons are constantly maintained and cleaned. We take pride in our facilities as some of the best in the industry. With quality accommodations comes quality recovery too. Balboa Horizons employs qualified clinicians and professionals.

California Luxury Detox

Detox Treatment Facility

18943 San Felipe, Fountain Valley, California 92708

The first step to successful recovery is detox. Clients’ stay at this facility will vary in length, depending on the type of substance used and for how long. 24/7 care is needed during this difficult period, overseen by accredited medical professionals.

women's addiction treatment

Residential Treatment Facilities

For Women

1132 West Balboa Blvd, Newport Beach, California 92661

For Men

2864 & 2868 Royal Palm Drive, Costa Mesa, California 92627

After completing detox, clients typically transition into a gender-specific, residential treatment facility focusing exclusively on recovery and wellness. These comfortable houses are located in coastal Orange County neighborhoods, providing access to the surrounding community and activities. Clients are free to use their cell phone, laptop and leave campus.

90-day inpatient addiction treatment

Main Location & Intensive Outpatient Treatment Facility

129 Cabrillo Street, Costa Mesa, California 92627

Our intensive outpatient addiction treatment facility helps bridge the gap between 24/7 care and more infrequent follow-up care. Your stay at this facility is all about balance, putting you in the best position possible for reintegrating into society by attending school, returning to work, or pursuing a new hobby or recreational activity. Clients will continue attending therapy and counseling, reinforcing the positive behaviors and habits developed prior.

If your loved one needs help, contact Balboa Horizons today and discuss if we would be a good fit for them. (866) 316-4012