Newport Beach California

Drug Treatment in Newport Beach, California

balboa-horizons California leads the way in many endeavors, including recovery from addiction and Balboa Horizons has been an industry leader for recovery and addiction treatment in Orange County for over 10 years. Our locations in Newport Beach and surrounding coastal communities are deliberately in a recovery-rich area so our clients can experience support networks and continue to access them long after formal treatment is completed.

Over one hundred 12 Step Meetings Weekly

There are over one hundred 12-step meetings daily in Orange County.

Newport Beach Recreation

Newport Beach is a destination travel location for surfing, swimming, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, and more. Its stunning Back Bay offers hiking and biking trails. Skiing and snowboarding, along with other winter sports, are available within a two-hour drive. Visitors to the area comment on the unique ability to be able to ski and surf in the same day.

Orange County Universities

Orange County is a hub for education as well, boasting three universities and 17 private colleges. There are vocational schools, art institutes, and world-class repertory theaters here as well. It is a progressive environment rich in job opportunities. Many of the world’s high-tech companies have headquarters here.

Great Area to Get and Stay Sober

Balboa Horizons offers its addiction treatment and recovery services in an area that many choose to call home after treatment. Because of the opportunity for “get well jobs,” continuing education, and outdoor exercise, our location melds well with our mind/body approach to recovery.