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Inspiring Change, Transforming Lives – We understand that addiction can seem overwhelming, which is why our message is one of hope and change. Recovery is possible, and we can help.

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Orange County Gender-Specific Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Located in coastal Costa Mesa, California, Balboa Horizons helps people break free from addiction and build a happy, healthy life. Our rehab programs treat both the addiction and all the “baggage” that comes with it, especially co-occurring disorders like anxiety, depression, PTSD, and rebuilding healthy relationships with friends and family.When seeking help for yourself, a loved one, or a client, it can be hard to know what you’re getting. The team at Balboa Horizons is among the most experienced and successful in the recovery field, with deep expertise in therapy and treatment. Our safe and welcoming environment respects all gender and sexual identities and backgrounds.

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orange county detox program
Orange County Drug & Alcohol Detox

The process of recovery begins with a medically supervised detoxification—pharmacologic support, nutrition, and monitored activities help ensure a safe and comfortable detox from the withdrawal symptoms. Balboa Horizons’ clinical team is highly trained to deal with the challenges involved with addiction treatment and recovery.

Residential Program

Balboa Horizons programs are designed to create a solid foundation for sustainable recovery. This intensive program focuses on recovery and wellness with each client attending regular groups, meetings, and therapy sessions. Clients work individually with the treatment team to begin the work of creating and executing a successful life plan for the future.

outpatient program
STRIVE Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Balboa Horizons provides transitional living and outpatient programs to help clients reenter mainstream life with the right structure and support. In transitional living, clients learn to balance treatment with everyday obligations such as employment and education. Clients also learn how to develop healthy interpersonal relationships, aided by the support of a healthy peer community.

Family Program

Studies show that families who are informed about addiction and recovery—and participate in their own recovery process—optimize their loved one’s recovery and chances for longterm sobriety and success. We recognize that family members often need their own recovery process and encourage families to participate in treatment through education and therapy.

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Athlete to Addicted

Joey shares his story of overcoming drug and alcohol addiction at Balboa Horizons.

Rock To Recovery

“The best success of my life ever, musically, came because I got sober.” Wes Geer, founder of Rock to Recovery, shares the story of how his sobriety impacted his music career.

Prescription Pills To Heroin

Brianna shares the story of her recovery at Balboa Horizons after struggling for years with prescription drug abuse.

Surf Therapy

Katrina shares her story of overcoming heroin addiction and finding healing through surfing. She now offers surf therapy as part of the recovery program at Balboa Horizons

We Are Balboa Horizons

Learn about Balboa Horizons, our humble beginnings, and our unique approach to addiction treatment in Orange County.

Successful Addiction Treatment

Delana of Star 94.1 FM shares about the therapeutic programs available at Balboa Horizons.

Substance Abuse Treatment in Orange County

Addiction is a complex disease. Quitting cold-turkey rarely works because it ignores the factors that fueled the addiction in the first place. Drugs and alcohol are just substitutes for healthy habits and coping techniques you may never have learned. It’s often a mystery to the addict why they ever started to drink or use. To friends or family, it appears you’re just self-destructing, when it’s much more complicated than that.

Addiction is a lonely thing, but at Balboa Horizons, you effectively become the captain of a team focused entirely on your long-term success in recovery. Friends and family can and should be part of that team. The disease is strong, but together we’re stronger. In learning more about your addiction and yourself, you become empowered. Confident. As you understand your habits and motivations, your addiction becomes less of a mystery and less of an adversary.

Our programs adapt to fit you and your specific needs. Some patients step away to do detox and residential care, while others only manage intensive outpatient therapy. Whatever your situation, you can trust Balboa Horizons to custom design a program perfectly suited to you.

What Sets Us Apart

Rehab is a big commitment. Every journey with Balboa Horizons begins with a 1:1 consultation to understand your addiction, goals, needs and personal circumstances. From there, we’ll work together to develop the personalized rehab program that will free you from addiction and help you live your best life. It won’t be easy, but we’ll be with you every step of the way.

  • Sincere empathy and care. We love what we do and are deeply invested in our clients.
  • Team approach. Meet with a case manager, therapist, and psychiatrist together each week to discuss progress. When we say we’re a team, we mean it.
  • No judgment, no blame, no shame. Addiction isn’t about finding fault, it’s about becoming stronger. It’s not a moral failing, but a sign of a deeper problem. We understand the challenges of recovery.
  • Medical expertise and the latest treatments. Our treatment is overseen by medical professionals. Our recovery team understands the latest and most effective treatments, from traditional therapies to holistic and alternative medicine.
  • Individualized programs. We tailor our therapies to the individual, with particular respect for gender and sexual identity.

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Balboa Horizons allowed me to be who I truly am, to acknowledge who I am as a person, and how to build off of that. They gave me both the spiritual and the therapeutic resources to craft my best life. I’m going on two years of sobriety, and couldn’t have done it without my family at Balboa Horizons.

- Michael G, Santa Ana, CA

We were so impressed with the staff at Balboa. We really felt all of you cared so much for our daughter and were truly committed and believed in the program. We feel so blessed to have found Balboa Horizons!

- Robin F., Beverly Hills, CA

I knew things were going to change when I came to Balboa Horizons, but I didn’t realize the magnitude of the changes that would occur within me. I went from being hopeless to having hope. My steps are lighter, my heart is gladder and that’s all thanks to the amazing staff at Balboa Horizons.

- John H., Newport Beach, CA

As his mother, I am so grateful for his recovery and that fact that ‘I have my son back.’ He still maintains contact with two friends he met through the program, and they both came to his wedding in November 2014. They all have a connection and I know that they will all be lifelong friends. I am very proud of all of them!

- Teresa S., Tulare, CA

I felt I might lose my child forever to the disease of addiction. Today my son is over 15 months sober, working a program, employed, saving money, supporting himself, driving his own vehicle, and doing for others. He recently told me, ‘For the first time in my life, I am really happy.’ I will be forever grateful to the Balboa Horizons staff. I know it is always up to the individual to do the work, but you are providing the environment and expertise to facilitate recovery from a deadly disease.

- Frank O., Port Orchard, WA

I’m so thankful for Balboa’s warm and supportive living environment. It has been instrumental in teaching me how to live a sober and productive life.

- Michelle P., New Orleans, LA

There are no words that can express my gratitude to Balboa Horizons. Their program of recovery enabled me to get my life back and discover the person I was meant to be.

- Cooper N., Tuscson, AZ

Balboa Horizons has helped me rebuild myself from the foundation up, held me accountable, and taught me positive life skills and how to live a fulfilling life in today’s society.

- Justin M., Longview, WA

I’m grateful that Balboa Horizons has provided me with a structured living environment and a foundation for learning how to live a sober and productive life.

- Sadie R., Denver, CO

Balboa Horizons can be summed up in a few words: Caring, Professional, Effective, Expert, Hope. They helped bring an enduring trust and peace to our daughter and entire family for which we will always be grateful.

- Marty G., Laguna Woods, CA
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